Vendors at Chamundi Hills

Every temple has vendors outside, selling flowers and coconuts....

Outside the temple on Chamundi Hills, there were a few more, selling items made of stone and wood...

The wooden articles were common ones, but these stone figures were beautiful!

And yes, for once, I did succumb to the temptation, and bought some too!


  1. I always end up buying something or other even if I don't need them . :)
    Great shots!

    1. Much as I am tempted, Indrani, I usually hold myself back from buying stuff thanks to lack of space, but this time i just couldnt resist those cute little elephants and the beautiful lamp!

  2. I usually don't buy stuff but it is good to indulge sometimes I guess?

    1. Yes, Mridula. I dont usually buy much, but these were just too beautiful! plus,we are always on the lookout for stuff from across the country to keep for our annual navaratri golu. these were perfect!


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