Faces in the Crowd - Some unusual sellers of wares for Diwali

Happy Diwali everyone!!!! The roads are filled with people selling earthen lamps, kandeels, and firecrackers. But here are some traders selling some unusual wares for Diwali....

Brooms are considered to be a part of Lakshmi, since she only enters clean homes. There are some who pray to brooms at this time of the year, a sort of prelude to cleaning their homes! Gives a different thought to the festival, doesnt it?

These holy threads are part of the festival too, a part of the Lakshmi Puja. Sort of like what we do during Varalakshmi puja, people tie these threads to their wrist after performing their puja. Different names, similar rituals! 

Which festival is complete without sweets? Here is one selling sweets made of sugar

I clicked these images at a village on the way to Lonar last year, which is where we spent our last Diwali. This year, it a different kind of celebration for us.. Different, but no less interesting!

Once again, wish you all a very happy Diwali!!


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