Memories of 2013 - Travel Vignettes - Jog Falls

What can I say about my visit to the Jog Falls this year, except, once again, show you a pic!!!!

If anything surpassed the gorgeous falls, it was sighting this fellow nearby!

Indian Tiger Centipede
Even after spending one whole day just looking at the falls, every time I see a new photo of the falls, I wish I can go there again. The feeling is especially strong, since this was yet another trip this year when we left Shankar behind! 

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  1. Really looked beautiful.

    DO coracle boat rides also run at this place. I have heard that somewhere near Shimoga, you will find the coracle.

    1. Thanks Rachit. there are no coracles here, but there are boats/ coracles further down, on the sharavati... but no idea exactly where, since we went in monsoon,when boating isnt possible.

  2. Beautiful blog.! For expend your holidays with beautiful places contact Travel to india!

  3. is it possible to go down the waterfalls? i think this fall has acted in many films :)


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