Memories of 2013 - Travel Vignettes - Wayanad

Our trip to Wayanad was probably the 'Trip of the year'! To begin with, it was partly sponsored by Thomas Cook, and it was a new experience for me, to have someone plan my trip! Second, and more importantly, this was the very first time Samhith and I went on a vacation alone! And finally, Wayanad itself was so unexpected, it was truly a journey of discovery! From the Indian Rock Python we saw in the wild...

to the ancient, crumbling temple that turned out to be so interesting...

From trying to decipher the prehistoric cave paintings of Edakkal...

to sailing on a simple bamboo raft in the river..

Wayanad was full of surprises... and magical moments to remind us of the trip, forever!

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  1. In the bamboo river raft picture both of you look so happy!

    1. Yes, Mridula! It was such a different experience for us.... me for the adventure of it all, which I usually shy away from,,, and for him, the experience of swimming along side the raft, keeping up with its pace! unforgettable experience!


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