Mountains, Rivers, and lots of clouds...

These are what have been keeping me away......

August has been a month with many holidays... and all arrived on weekends, giving us some time to actually get away somewhere... First, off we went to Mahabaleshwar, .. and then this last weekend, we spent at Nashik.

The Western Ghats in the monsoons are a spectacular sight, and the rains, clouds and fog simply made the trip unforgettable! There are lots of posts coming up, so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Eyes all peeled and ready, Anu. Waiting for the posts to come :-)

  2. Love mountains, rivers and clouds. Waiting for the rest.

  3. Wow, must have enjoyed a lot..shall read when I get time.

    1. yes, Chitra we had a grt time.. and in any case, it will take me a while to write.. have loads to write... so catch up whenever u get settled..

  4. If that is what was keeping away, may you travel even more!

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  6. Looks like you have had a gala time travelling! Waiting for all to unfold, Anu! Pen it down soon :)

  7. Splendid capture.


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