Jungle Babblers

A Pair of Ducks

Grasshopper.. oops! sorry.. Cricket!!!

Memorial to a loved Pet

Eye of the Peacock

Rufous Treepie

More than just Coochie Coo!

Brahminy Starling

Anegundi Part 7 - A Walk along the Tungabhadra

Anegundi Part 6 - On the Tungabhadra

An Unforgettable Encounter

Anegundi Part 5 - Pampa Sarovar

Anegundi Part 4 - Prehistoric Cave Paintings

Anegundi Part 3 - Gagan Palace

Anegundi Part 2 - Durga Temple

Mariamman Teppakulam, Madurai

Oriental Garden Lizard


Asian Koel

Ducks in the Lake

Parrots in Love!

Star Tortoise

Sky Watch Friday - Changing Landscapes

Red Wattled Lapwings

Two Birds or One?

White Browed Wagtail

Purple Sunbird

Purple Rumped Sunbirds and Tailor Bird - Sky Watch Friday



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