Merry Christmas!

St. Francis Xavier and the Churches of Old Goa

Tharangambadi - The Neemrana Experience

Birds from my Window - Hoopoe

When stories come alive - An Encounter with a Hanuman Langur

Skywatch Friday..... So many shades of blue!

My tryst with the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact

All Lit up! Lamps from Tamilnadu and Maharashtra

Asian Open Bill or Asian Open Billed Stork

Happy Diwali!

A new trip... With a new phone!

White Browed Fantail Flycatcher

Little Green Heron

Navaratri Day 10: Winding up

Navaratri Day 9 : Ramleela

Navaratri Day 8: A Golu which tells us a story

Navaratri Day 7: The Golu we were waiting for!

Navaratri Day 6: Dashavatar Set from Chennapatna

Navaratri Day 5 : Dancing Girls

Navaratri Day 4: Faces in the Crowd - The Tightrope walker

Navaratri Day 3: A Jain Goddess in Ellora

Navaratri Day 2: Two Interesting Temples

A Date with the Goddess - Navaratri begins!

Birds from my Window - Purple Rumped Sunbird

24 Hours in Fort Kochi

Fort Kochi - Part 10 : Maritime Museum

Fort Kochi - Part 9 : 3 Cafes, three experiences

Skywatch Friday - Clouds, from a plane

Fort Kochi - Part 8: A Boat Ride

Fort Kochi - Part 7 : Jew Town and Synagogue

A truly eco-friendly experience at Avalanche, Ooty

My Suryagarh Experience

Birds from my Window - Crow Pheasant

Ganesha on a Govardhan

Stories of the Desert

A Flag of Devotion

Viceregal Lodge, Shimla

Of Ker and Sangri - not as food, but in nature.

Re-tracing the Silk Route on the Sands of Time

Wildlife in the Desert

Of old journeys and new ones... and a glimpse of my recent trip

Fort Kochi - Part 6 : Mattanchery Palace

Cheraman Juma Masjid - The First Mosque built in India

Fort Kochi - Part 5: The Santa Cruz Cathedral Basilica



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