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2023 - The Year That Was

Places impact you for a variety of reasons. And the same place impacts different people in different ways. This is especially true when it comes to spiritual experiences, where every single person’s experience is unique. And personally, every spiritual experience is unique, the same person can have different deeply spiritual experiences at different places, at different times. This thought has emerged because of my own experiences over the years, but especially so this year, with different and unique experiences at various places I have visited recently. I began this year with a visit to Baroda (Vadodara) with friends. It was meant to be a relaxed trip, a touristy trip, with our sons. We enjoyed ourselves to the hilt, but the highlight of that trip was a visit to the Lakulisha temple at Pavagadh. It was the iconography of the temple that I connected with, and I spent a few hours simply lost in the details of the figures carved around the temple. There was an indefinable connect with

Book Review: The Aryavarta Chronicles, Book 1: Govinda by Krishna Udayasankar

Govinda . We know him by many names – Krishna, the dark one, Vaasudeva, the son of Vasudev, Gopala – the cowherd, and many more. Then why Govinda? Why choose this among all his names?

Skywatch Friday - Akshi Beach, Alibag

Every week, as Friday approaches and I go hunting for an image to post as part of Skywatch Friday , I lose myself among all the images I have clicked.... re-live the memories of all those trips... and wish I was there again!

Of Memories and Reality - At the Wagah Border

A little girl stood by a gate , staring at the other side. A few minutes earlier, the place had been buzzing with activity, and an aura of importance had hung over the area. Now, it was calm and peaceful, and men who had stared straight ahead without blinking were now smiling and talking with others, completely at ease. 

Faces in the crowd - Officer

Samhith , with an officer from the Border Security Force, clicked at the Wagah Border.

Of Books and The Sunday Book Club

As a book lover, I need the least of inducements to talk of books. The people I get along best with are those with whom I can converse about books. In my family, I am the one who wants books as gifts, and also gifts nothing but books! 

Skywatch Friday - Wish I was there......

Another weekend comes, and once again, I am stuck at home... So, for Skywatch this week, is a pic of where I would love to be....

Book Review: A Possible Life by Sebastian Faulks

‘A Possible Life’ by Sebastian Faulks, is ‘a novel in five parts’. However, it’s not a novel as much as a collection of stories, spread out over various periods in time, from the past, present, and even the future, with the word ‘possible’ being the key to connecting them.  The five stories are of different characters in different time frames, facing different situations, but each of them has have made choices which have changed the direction of their lives. Each of their stories could have had a different ending, but it is the possibilities in life which give the stories the direction they take.

In Conversation?

What do you think these junglefowl are saying to each other? Are they even saying anything? They stayed this way for quite a while allowing me to capture them with ease!   Nice of them, don't you think? So, any idea what they are up to?

Sandcastle for a Cause at High Street Phoenix

Building sandcastles is something we do when we go to the beach. However, this one is nothing like the ones we make. Its actually a sand sculpture, with turrets towering over the structure, intricate details such as doors and windows etched into the sand. We saw it for the first time at the High Street Phoenix in Lower Parel, Mumbai, last year, when Simon Smith, in association with Sand Cult, built this beautiful sculpture on the occasion of World Cancer Day. Click here to read about it . The event is back this year, and so is the sculpture, at the same venue...

Faces in the Crowd - Budding Cricketer

Cricket is probably the most-played game in India, and the game which brings out all the emotions in us! Even as I write this, there is a match in progress on the ground outside our house, and the screams and shouts gives me a running commentary even though the regular commentator doesn't seem to have arrived. The sounds tempt the hubby who hurries to the window to see who it is who has hit a six... in a short while, I know that he will give in  and go join the crowd, and if possible, a bunch of friends will get together and start a game of their own. Which is why, this is today's pic for Faces in the Crowd....

Caterpillar at KGAF-2013

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival (KGAF) i s an art and culture festival for us urban folk. However, here is a different sort of visitor we saw on the very first day...

Book Review: The Seeds of War, by Ashok Banker

The Mahabharata is technically an epic, composed by the sage Vyasa. However, in reality, it is so much more.

Kala Ghoda Festival - From a kid's pespective

For the last three days, I have taken you with me along Rampart Row, enjoying the various art installations on display. While those are my main attractions during the festival, for my son, it is the workshops and the activities that encourage him to join me, year after year. 

Kala Ghoda Art Festival - Part 3

This is the third part of my series on the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival. Please read Part 1 and Part 2 before reading further. Continuing with the visual art displays....

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - Part 2

This is the second part of my series on the Kala Ghoda Art Festival. Please read Part 1 before reading further . Mumbai is the city of dreams, the city which never sleeps. This post is about the visual art displays representing the city. And let me start with one of my favourites –

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival - Part 1

I have been attending the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival since its inception in 1999. I was then fresh out of college, had time on my hands, and I loved the opportunity to experience something as different as an Arts Festival in Mumbai. Over the years, I have seen the festival grow, become more popular, the addition of a variety of events offering something of interest to people of all ages. And I have enjoyed attending the festival, year after year..... Discovering something new each time, and of late, opening up an entire new world of art and creativity to my son. I still love attending the festival, and look forward to it each year, but it gives me even more pleasure when my 9 year old son opens the newspaper and yells out – “Amma, the Kala Ghoda festival has started! When are you taking me?” A beautiful installation with colourful butterflies 

Book Review: Delhi 101, by Ajay Jain

Delhi 101,  by Ajay Jain, as the title says, is all about “101 Surprising ways of discovering Delhi”.

Faces in the Crowd - Man with a Hookah

We saw this man s moking a hookah while on a shikara ride on the Dal Lake. The Hookah was a common sight at many places in Kashmir, though this was the only time we actually saw anybody actually using one! Naturally, I couldn't resist a click!

Skywatch Friday - Mountains... and more mountains

Stuck at home with loads of work, I am repeatedly heading to my comp to see the photos of my Shimla trip and sigh over all the beautiful sights.....