Ashoka Flowers

The only good things about summer are school holidays and the vibrant colours that surround me. This is the time the Ashoka tree outside my window blooms, and these gorgeous red flowers brighten my day each morning....

For years, I didn't even know that the Ashoka tree bore flowers. And then, one summer, they did. It was only when I read up more about them did I realise that most of the Ashoka trees we see around us - the tall, pillar like ones - aren't even real Ashokas. They are actually called 'False Ashokas'! The real Ashoka is much smaller, and every year, bears these beautiful red flowers which attract so many birds....

They truly brighten up my day!


  1. Yes its true. Fresh flowers we see in the morning really brightens us up. Although we have the real Ashoka tree in our campus, I am still to see the flowering.

  2. What a lovely bunch! Post a picture of the tree too!

  3. Interesting, I didn't know about the "real" Ashoka tree. I always thought the tall, pillar like trees were Ashoka. What does the real Ashoka tree look like anyway? Put up a photo here!

  4. Lovely captures, Anu. And this part about real and fake Ashoka trees is so interesting. I didn't know about them. Do share more info and pictures, please.


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