A bee and a flower

A bee sucking nectar from a flower...... a lucky capture at Binsar, but the bee seemed to resent my intrusion into its privacy, for it buzzed angrily just as I clicked!


  1. Awww, really you were intruding in privacy... I can see that ! :P

  2. a lucky capture indeed ! Beautiful pic :) You do seem to have a very steady hand :)

  3. Beautiful click, I like those who ignore my presence!

  4. Excellent shot.. Loved the pink flower .

  5. Nice Shot :)... He didn't really like it is it?

  6. @Nisha: what to do???? we are getting to be more intrusive with our cameras!

    @Lavanya: thanks.... i took two shots and the first didnt come out so well... so its still trial and error!

    @Mridula: thanks..... totally agree!!!

    @Chitra: thanks!

    @Shilpa: thanks..... no he really didnt! u should have seen the way he buzzed at us!

  7. lol, how do you know it is a 'he' :P nice pic!


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