Skywatch Friday - Mysore Palace

Its been a month with no travel and no blogging either....And before I succumb to the travel itch, I keep reminding myself that I have lots yet to write about the last trip I took. Here is a glimpse of what comes next on the blog............


This was my first trip to the heritage city, and I loved the palace so much, we went there again and again!!!! 

These photos, though, were clicked on my very first visit, within the span of a few minutes, as clouds gathered over the palace and then moved away as quickly as they came.... It made for a good photo-session, though!

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  1. Yeah, I also went there last year. I didn't find Mysore Palace very impressive...but your photographs are nice!

    1. Thanks Renuka. Actually, both, samhith and I enjoyed the palace. we took a leisurely tour first and then went again and again to see the lighting and just enjoy the place.

  2. How dramatic and gorgeous!

  3. Nice pictures. Mysore Palace is a great place to visit

  4. Great photos and archidecture!Have a nice weekend!

  5. Nice shots!

  6. I miss this city so much! Stayed here for a couple of years as a kid, and we went to the palace every weekend and yet never tired of it.

  7. I haven't been to Mysore yet. And am looking to travel virtually with you through your posts. I particularly liked the 3rd photo of the palace. It's a fantastic capture.


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