Birds from my window - Golden Oriole

Having your work table by the window can be distracting.... especially when you have winged visitors clamoring for attention right outside! Of course, I don't mind, and actually, welcome the distraction, at yesterday, when these rare visitors dropped by, and brightened up my day!

The Indian Golden Oriole is a species of Oriole spread across the Indian Sub continent and Central Asia. It is a common bird, inhabiting a range of habitats, but it is still rare enough in a concrete city like Mumbai! The bright yellow and black colours make the male easy to identify, but the female is duller (as is common with birds), and this male (pic above) had two females around, probably trying to attract his attention!

The male stayed for a short time, but the females stayed put till the crows chased them away. It appears the crows don't like anyone trespassing on their territory. This is certainly one case though, when I am certainly in favour of trespassing, if it means these birds will come back more often.


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