Little Green Heron

Walking around the Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort, I noticed a flash of feathers as a bird rose out of the water and flew to a tree. Curious, I waited till the bird returned, and I realized that it wasn’t wading in the water as I had thought, but stood at the edge of the water, on the boundary wall….

Even as I watched, it stretched out its neck, and pecked off something from the surface, and flew back to its perch, to eat in peace!

I was so fascinated by the sight, that I stood there for quite a while, watching the Little Green Heron catch its breakfast!

I spotted it again, later in the evening, this time perched on one of the Chinese Fishing Nets.

The Little Green Heron is apparently quite a common bird, seen frequently in these parts. For me, however, this was a first time sighting, one I thoroughly enjoyed! 


  1. Great example of photography. Loved each one pics. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Lovely capture. This is also commonly known as the Pond Heron?

    1. Thanks Divsi, but nope, this isnt a pond heron.. a close cousin though :D

  3. Beautiful bird.. also beautiful writing and photography..

  4. And I have also seen this bird for the first time through your photos. Thank you for that.


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