Navaratri Day 8: A Golu which tells us a story

Finally catching up with my Navaratri posts, here is the celebration at Fine Arts, Chembur. The Bommai Kolu is just as grand as ever, the 15 steps towering over everyone!

There are three additional steps this time, added on the side! 

Here are a few glimpses of the beautiful toys that adorn this golu.

But the most interesting thing here is the side decoration, which depicts a story through hand crafted dolls. This time, the story is  - Shankuntalam!

I will let the display tell its own story....

Birth of Shakuntala

Shakuntala is raised by Kanva Rishi

Shakuntala meets Dushyanta

Shakuntala and Dushyanta are married

Kanva Rishi decides that Shakuntala be sent to Dushyanta's palace

Shakuntala loses the ring given by Dushyanta

At Dushyanta's court. he does not remember Shakuntala, till the fisherman produces the ring

Bharata - the one  who gave his name to  the country
That't it, as far as Golus this year are concerned. I will hopefully have something more to write for the last couple of days of the festival, so stay tuned!




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