Navaratri Day 9 : Ramleela

Navaratri might be about the goddess, and her victory over the demon. However, the festival is also about another war - that between Rama and Ravana. Ramleela is just as important a part of our Navaratri celebration, so here is a peep into the Ramleela at Chembur...

That's Kumbhakarna in full flow, all set to enter the war...

And there is Ravana on the side, all ten heads in tow.

Here is the Ravana effigy....

Interestingly with just nine heads...

Samhith suggested that this was because Ravana would have already lost at least one of his heads by the time the effigy is burnt... Anyone have a better explanation????


  1. Maybe there's another one hidden under his hat?? :) I'm sure Samhith would know better than I, so I think I'll go with his theory...

    1. hmm, doubtful, Natalie! I simply think they didnt notice that one of the heads had fallen off, and I suppose they thought no one would notice!

  2. Ah! There is our very own Baby Ravan :p (Thats what we call him) hehe can see him from the window :D

    1. thats a nice name for him, divsi!!! and lucky you, to see him from your window!! btw, we should meet sometime... since i too live in chembur :)

    2. definitely! adding you up on FB :)


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