White Browed Fantail Flycatcher

This is one of the birds I usually spot from my window, but this particular one I saw at Hindu Cemetery at Banganga. I love seeing the bird spreads out its feathers, and shows us why it is called the White Browed Fantail Flycatcher!

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  1. This post looks just fine, Anurandha! What a interesting little bird! The colors remind me of the chickadee's we have here, as well as the attitude - they're very feisty and will make very pointed remarks to each other and the other birds around them.

    1. Thanks Natalie!these birds are feisty too... its amusing to see a pair cavorting near our house. looks like these birds might be related too!!

  2. Beautiful, I come across a similar bird from my balcony, with feathers spread out. The bird is always in full swing, it sometimes even troubles crows, wonder if its a flycatcher too..

  3. Anuradha! It is an interesting post for all nature lovers. The little bird is looking so cute and pretty. I would like to see it daily from my window. Actually I am one of natura lovers and I love to explore these types of places. Recently I came from India after my new york to niagara falls bus tours. During this country trip I saw its many hill stations like Manali, Kufri, Shimla and Darjeeling and furthermore I spent some time in Delhi. It was a great time that I spend in this country. I would like to go there again.

  4. What a lovely moment captured through your lens! *thumbs up*


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