Birds From my Window - Purple Rumped Sunbird

Starting the week with this gorgeous bird I see from my window every single morning when I send Samhith off to school....

The Purple Rumped Sunbird is a regular at our colony, and I see them everyday, busy sucking nectar from flowers. They are, however, not at all easy to photograph, and I have only been able to capture these since this one arrives every morning, just before 8 AM, perches on the wire for a while and looks all around peacefully before getting to work! 

For a tiny bird, which is less than 10cm long, it is amazingly colourful!

Look at all the different shades of blue/ purple it has, on that tiny body!

What better way to begin a week, than with such a colourful bird, right?

I live in Mumbai, in a colony lucky enough to still have plenty of trees and open spaces. The best part of living here are the birds I see from my window, every single day. "Birds from my Window" is a series, where I regularly feature photos of birds I see from my home. To see all the posts in this series, click here


  1. It's gorgeous! You are lucky to be able to spot so many lovely birds right from your window :)


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