Skywatch Friday - Mountains on my mind...

Earth, Water, Sky and Mountains......... at Karjat just on the outskirts of Mumbai.....

Mountains occupy my thoughts as I head towards the mountains... for a short holiday. I am off to Delhi today and onwards to Binsar as Samhith's school closes this year. We have a week before school resumes for the new term, and we plan to make the most of it....  

I shall not be able to access my mails for a week... but please do leave your comments on this as well as the other blogs I have scheduled... I shall certainly reply as soon as I get back!!

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  1. The water and the sky make for a very nice combination!

  2. Yes you have captured a little of everything in this photo...wonderful shot!

  3. Hi Anu...Lovely picture. BTW I've tagged you!

  4. A very pretty landscape. Where was this taken?

  5. @luna Miranda: thanks....

    @Jossie: thanks .. it was wonderful out there..

    @smalltown RN : thanks....

    @Anil: thanks a lot.. this was at a small village called Burujwadi in Karjat....beyond Morbe Dam

  6. Lovely picture of Karjat.
    Binsar is a cool choice, and am sure you will have a good trip.

  7. Beautiful photograph. Karjat is a nice place.

  8. @Hema: thanks a lot.....i just read your tag post... and looks like it will take a while... have to think, u see :)

    @Celine: thanks..... Binsar was just too good!

    @P.N.Subramanian: thanks....


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