A Parrot in my garden

Since we returned from our trip, almost a week has passed by without seeing any interesting birds. Moreover, I have been stuck to the computer, completing all my pending work. Yesterday, this parrot was making a racket outside our window, forcing me to try and spot it. Finally when I did manage to spot it, it waited for just this pic before flying off!

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  1. It wanted its pic to be put up in this hall of fame. :) Great shot!

  2. The birdie is real beautiful!

  3. Lovely , absolutely beautiful! picturesq!

  4. Beautiful!!! its moments like these that am glad i have a nice camera[had clicked n posted a pic of a white cat in our backyard on FB]

  5. It is always nice to have these noisy restless birds in the vicinity. And pretty they are.

    'Rose Ringed Parakeet' is the full common name of the bird.


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