An interesting vehicle

We happened to see this vehicle, probably one of the new ones belonging to the police or the army. It drew all eyes towards it, and cameras and mobiles were pulled out, and the tourists went! I wondered if it would be all right to take pics, considering that these belong to our state security forces, but there were plenty of policemen around, and none of them seemed to care about the photography, so I decided to go for it too!

It looks more like a tank than a van, right? I saw a couple more such vehicles at Mantralaya later, but did not dare take pics there!!!!!

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  1. That's your Tax Money on 4 wheels.

    Correction: That's a fraction of your tax money, a large part of your tax money is in the pockets of politician, babus, arm dealer and cops. It will be finally used to cause traffic jams. And about as effective as the the bullet proof vests that killed our top cops recently.

  2. LOL at mumbai paused comment :)

    well it might even be something thats for the parade or just some freaky design by someone

  3. I have never seen anything like this on the roads.

  4. Ooooh, Nice.. i like it... would love to drive or ride in one... :)
    reminds me of all the action packed Hollywood movies!!

  5. @MP - That surely would be the best comment ever on my blog!!! btw, i do agree with you.... but the vehicles look really interesting, dont they??

    Sri: i dont think so.... 'cause i saw another also, as i said in the post, and both were stationed at Mantralaya...

    @Mridula: neither had I!!! and most people at the gateway for that matter.. u shd have seen the interest it aroused!

    @ Aarti: i would too......

  6. These are the new bulletprrof vehicles bought by mumbai police as a part of modernisation process.

    I saw these when I went for the half marathon... they were right there in front of me. And curious as I am, I went and touched them, knocked on it to see how it feels...

    it feels like that hard safe we have at our house. :)

    Whether its effective or not will be a never ending debate, but it does make u feel tht little more safe. I can vouch for that.


  7. post 26/11 modernization drive. hope they maintain it properly, otherwise it won't be there in case of need..

    your blog's purpose seems to be similar to mine :)

  8. That is Mahindra Marksman India's own armoured vehicle. Built on Scorpio or Bolero chassis

  9. nice blog..and the title wandering mind is apt for most of us

  10. got great sentiments buddy:)

  11. @Shyamgovind: Hey, u participated in the marathon? How come we didnt read about it on your blog???
    but great to hear.... u actually saw and touched the vehicle! wonderful!
    i agree that it is heartening to see the modernisations, but one cant help wonder if all these are actually going to be useful!

    @Subu.. yes, looks like it... lets hope they have learnt a thing or two about maintenance. .. and i liked ur blog too....

    @L-R hey, thanks for the info..... it looks good anyway.. lets see how it works!!!

    @Deepa: thanks a lot... yes, that is why i chose that title.....

    @Anamika: thanks.....u have an interesting blog too!


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