A few of the roses we saw at Jalgaon...... We had been to Jalgaon last weekend for a puja..... and were fascinated by these roses... more pics will follow..

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  1. Absolutely touching.. May your dream come true.

  2. @ Tarun: thanks.....

    @ Sri: u shd have seen them!! there were so many and they were so... beautiful!!!

    @Gopal: thanks a lot!!

  3. oh what a nice post... so happy.. and pretty!! lovely!! I love Rose gardens as well.. By the way.. where is Jalgaon??

  4. @ Patricia : thanks a lot... Both samhith and i were fascinated by the garden...

    and Jalgaon is in northern maharashtra.. not very famous or hubbys friend has a factory there and had a get together and puja...

    @ Mridula : thanks....

  5. Nice blog. Picture of Roses looks awesome. i admire those lenses you are having. They are so vivid and charming.


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