Where have all the other birds gone?

The two black kites in our colony are presently the most visible ones around. All the bulbuls, sunbirds and robins seem to have disappeared! I wonder why that is so.

Meanwhile, the absence of birds has given me very little opportunity of using my camera, so I jumped at the chance when the kite came to sit on our terrace for a while, giving me some good pics... Here they are....

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  1. The bird seems to be sitting close. I hope the smaller ones do come back too.

  2. very good shots, U seem to be very good at birds photography , u should take that seriously and do something abt it :)

  3. Wow... Lovely shot! sure hope the other birds come back :)

  4. nice shots anu ... lets blame the absence of birds on urbanization. i also dont see many birds i used to see earlier. looks like they are moving to suburbs :(

  5. Beeeeeeeautiful takes Anu. I really liked them. And the small birds will come back when these 2 will go off :) Happens at my home too, not often; they usually like to stay together!

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  6. Wow.....the eagle in all its elegance.


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