Sky Watch Friday... Tirupati city from the hills

A view of Tirupati city from the road down the hills. It no longer looks like a small town but a city, doesn't it?

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  1. Fantastic view of the city sky line and horizon from there, thanks for sharing with Sky Watch Friday.

  2. Lovely panorama, what a click Anu!

  3. Anu
    its lovely and eager to have a trip to Thirupathi

  4. Beautiful Anu, I am sure you got many like this.

  5. Beautiful shot. I am sure you are having a good collection.
    Anu,I am having problems in posting comments here. It takes lot of time to load. Yesterday I spent about 15 mts to post a comment. This doesn't happen with other blogs. Any idea?

  6. oh....great view...we can see the streets...congrats

  7. It's a view from the what they call the Tirumala Hills, right? Lovely.

  8. @Pearl: thanks a lot!

    @Mridula: thanks... it took a lot of attempts, though!

    @Aswathi Babu: thanks... hope you are able to visit soon.

    @Chitra: thanks... actually only this one came out well :) and i dont know why the comment trouble keeps on popping... it happens suddenly to a couple of people and then gets sorted out... and the last couple of times, your comments have turned up thrice! if theres a problem next time, simply send me a mail.. might be easier!

    @Grace: thanks a lot!

    @Celine: right...its the view from the hill, though its on the way down.. there are different routes for going up and down.


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