Gorgeous Art at the Chembur Festival 2015

Though I live in Chembur, I haven't been able to attend the Chembur Festival, since its inception, due to various reasons. This year too, I wasnt able to attend any of the events, but I did manage to get a glimpse of the amazing artwork the festival displayed! Join me on a visual treat as I begin with the Rangoli Exhibition, at AFAC High School. The theme this year was 'Around the world', and the artists literally managed to give us a world tour through their art. Here, take a look...

And for variety, a 3D chalk painting....

This was just a glimpse, and to really appreciate the work, you will have to go see it for yourself. The exhibition is on till tomorrow, Sunday, the 15th of Jan 2015, till 10 PM. 

In a lane just off the Central Avenue Road, was another display of creativity, this time by Chembur residents. This peaceful lane came to life with these wall paintings. Again, no words are needed, and to keep this post from getting even longer, I am only showing you a few of the works. 

The caption in Marathi says "Child, how shall I tell you stories of the sparrow?
They have vanished in these concrete jungles"

I have, needless to say, clicked a lot more photos than these, and if you want to enjoy more of this visual treat, head over to my Facebook Album, here, or my Picasa Album, here


Chembur Festival 2015


  1. Wow! Those were rangolis? Pretty cool. Thanks for the post, Anuradha.


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