The Vultures of Orchha

I have already written about the monuments and art of Orchha. However, this series on Orchha will be incomplete without one post dedicated to the Vultures of Orchha!

We saw these Vultures nesting on the cenotaphs. It seemed sort of fitting, that birds which live off the dead, were nesting in monuments built for the dead. And, at least to us, they were far more interesting than the cenotaphs themselves!

From what I have been reading, it appears that there are 4 varieties of vultures here, but we only saw this one type, which seem to be Indian Vultures.

Also, apparently, their numbers had drastically reduced due to rampant use of diclofenac in cattle, but now the situation has improved, as we could see for ourselves.

It has often happened that Samhith and I go to see a monument, and get distracted by birds. This was no different, and yet, memorable, for we have never seen so many vultures in one place, ever! It was quite a satisfying end to our visit to Orchha.

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  1. oh my, what cool captures... :) next time you plan a trip am definitely coming along.. promise to behave and be good..

  2. They are very interesting birds! We have turkey vultures here in South Carolina. I often see them riding the air currents as I drive around town.

  3. Orchha is an amazing place of tourist interest and you have covered this place amazingly. Good read!

  4. orchha is really a awesome place to visit such a wonderful place thanks for share

  5. I am stunned with the monuments, vultures and art of Orchha, all are so interesting to see very nice trip you have shared thanks.
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