Skywatch Friday - Sunset between the trees

I took this photograph more than 2 years ago, on a trip to our home town....Before any of you think its a normal thing, well, for us, it isn't! It is our 'home-town' only in name, for we have no 'home' there..... we just go there (or rather try to go there) at least once a year to visit the temple there...... As it happens, I haven't visited the temple since then, but have a real yearning to visit again, which has only intensified after seeing this pic, which was taken just after we left the temple... It was a wonderful trip, which we made as a family, visiting almost 75 temples in just 10 days!!! Wish I could make another such trip again!!!

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  1. A very beautiful sunset indeed. Hope you go to the temples again. Have you seen the Rajasthan Jain temples?

  2. @Mridula: I hope so too...wanted to go this may, but ended up staying at home...
    I have visited only the temples at Ranakpur... they were beautiful! have to go to Mt.Abu sometime....

  3. Beautiful shot!

    The tall trees are Palmyra palms....called Tadgola in Gujarati (maybe in Marathi too).

  4. Wonderful photo, this looks like an amazing place to visit.

  5. Beautiful picture,Anu.


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