SkyWatch Friday - Sunlight

I took this pic when we were returning from Morachi Chincholi... I think we were somewhere on the expressway.... and I remember wishing for dark clouds and some rain, but all we could see was the sun!

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  1. The sky still looks quite dramatic.

  2. what awesome skies..

  3. Love the varied cloud formations and their shades...

  4. Wow...stunning photo!Thank you for sharing and have a great weekend!

  5. Nice post for skywatch Friday post.
    Joyce M

  6. The gathering clouds look like they r ready for an invasion of sorts. lol

  7. Heavenly!
    The only word for that sky!

  8. Nice silvery cloud patterns Anu.
    Beautiful capture.

  9. Sun peeping through clouds,silhoutted mountain and blue background...really nice.

  10. @Mridula: yes, it does..... I loved the sun peeping from between the clouds...

    @Patty: thanks...

    @Sankara : thanks.....

    @Steffi: thanks! I just had a look at your blog, and you took me back to the days when I loved to stitch and used my mom's old sarees to practice stitching clothes for myself!!!

    @Light and Voices: thanks a lot! loved your clouds too... thats how the sky looks like here today!

    @Stan: what a way to describe the clouds!! LOL!

    @Joy: thanks so much!

    @P.N.Subramanian: thanks....

    @Indrani: thanks... yes.. the silver lining does come out, doesnt it??

    @Chitra: thanks.....


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