Its rare to see roses in our garden - simply because there are lots of people waiting to pluck them..... When we saw these roses, we were thrilled, for they had been left to bloom in peace, and I rushed to get my camera to capture them forever.....


  1. Lovely flowers! I think I have the same in my garden as well, maybe I too will post a picture.

  2. I'm so glad you rushed to get your camera. Else I would have missed seeing this beauty :)

    Super-nice photos Anu :)

  3. And oh yes, did I mention that considering your suggestion, I tried different ways and have finally got my photo paintings to be sold in INR :) Check out my photo paintings available in INR now :)

  4. reminds me of my mom's garden. Lovely pictures.

  5. Hey! Thanks for all the bldg garden updates! Takes me down memory lane! Lovely pics, by the way :)


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