Sky Watch Friday... Sun and Moon

I was looking through some of my older photos and found this one that I had somehow missed posting...... We were on our way to Morachi Chincholi and all of us were stunned to see this wonderful sight before us.... the sun setting over the hills and the moon rising.... This pic was taken at a point where we could see both of them together... 

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  1. nature is amazing isnt it..we just dont pay attention to it ..wonderful sighting

  2. Thats my native place.NIce to see this picture.

  3. Lovely picture Anu. If I was posting it I would crop out the black part but maybe you left it for the effect?

  4. Beautiful picture, I love it when the moon is up in daylight!

  5. What a rare one, indeed! I'm so happy that you posted this; reminded me of the moon and sun in one photo when I was in Matheran.


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