Going on a ride.....

...in the toy train at Elephanta.

The toy train was a new addition since the last time I visited the caves, and it was supposed to be more of a joy ride than anything else.... We took the train one way for Samhith, and while returning, walked alongside, taking pictures!

Meanwhile, I am off again! No, not on any kind of train, but a ride nevertheless...

I will be part of the Lavasa Women's drive  2011. The drive is in its 3rd edition, and this year, there will be 2011 women from different walks of life participating, and helping create awareness for early detection of breast cancer in women. This is the first time I shall be visiting Lavasa, so it is certain to be an interesting experience. Besides, there is also the wonderful chance of meeting other women bloggers, which surely will be the icing on the cake.

Have a wonderful weekend, and I will soon be back with my experiences to share with all of you!




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