Purple Rumped Sunbird

This is one bird I see every single day, but has proved the most difficult to photograph. They are so small and flit endlessly between the flowers and leaves on the tree that I can hardly focus before they are lost. I noticed this one a couple of days back, for once sitting peacefully.... and wondered if it was the same.
Thankfully my camera was near and I managed to get a couple of shots before it flew away... Here are my only pics of the elusive Purple Rumped Sunbird...

I know the photo isn't all that great... another reminder for me to upgrade my camera soon :)


  1. Ma'am, your blog is awesome! I'm pretty hooked up.
    I'm from Bangladesh, and I find a lot of birds common. For some days, I've been trying to capture some local birds, but as you said, the sunbirds and the tailor-birds are so fast and restless...
    Nevertheless, I managed to capture some photos. If you want, you may use these in your blog.
    You can find the photos in my flickr photostream here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hossainalwasi/
    Thank you :)

    1. Thank you so much, Hossain!! welcome to my blog! I just went to your flickr page, and wow! you have managed some awesome captures! keep going and all the best!


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