Gajanur Dam

Having had our fill of the Bhadra Reservoir, it was time to see the Tunga River in all her glory.

While trying to pass the time at Shimoga, we headed to Gajanur Dam on the Tunga. Photography was prohibited within the Dam premises, but once we were out, we were free to click away!

Gajanur Dam is located 12 Km from Shimoga.


  1. I haven't been there but here's a trivia: Rajkumar and his sons made a Kannada movie on Gajanur. They are from that part :)

    1. @sneo- rajkumar is from gajnur which is in chamarajnagar district of Karnataka.,near Tamilnadu border..

      But this gajnur is in shimoga district.. this is different place,but have common name!!....
      There s elephant camp nearby this gajnur dam.. its must place to visit.. its within 15km from this place..
      ...... Dr.A

    2. Nice to see you here again, Sneha..

    3. Thanks Dr. A. I had no idea there were two gajanurs!

  2. Looks like a nice place. Never visited it though even though i have passed by or stayed at Shimoga so many times.

    1. Yes, it is, Sankara, and honestly, if we hadnt time to kill, I wouldnt have visited either :D


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