Skywatch Friday - Reflections in Wayanad

Reflections on the Kabini River in Wayanad......

Be it the hard rock or the ephemeral cloud, both looked just as beautiful as reflections in the water. The stillness of the water accentuated their presence...just as each one of us has our place in this world.. a presence just as special, just as unique.... which is what makes life so interesting... even on the days when 
nothing seems to be happening!

The last week or so I haven't been able to write a word on the blog. Lots of things have been happening. Some good, some not so good. Today, sitting at my computer after a long time, thinking about what to write, to break the silence, these were the photos which captured my attention. Which is why, for Skywatch Friday today, you find me in a reflective mood! 


  1. Take care Anu and do keep writing. Life is I guess about good and not so good. I hope your good always remains more than not so good.

  2. Nice! In the first photo, the water looks polluted. Is it so?

    Hope you come back to the writing mood soon. :)

    1. Thanks Bindhu! there was a bit of pollution in the water, but not too much.

  3. Love the reflections, Anu both in the water and in your mind. May the best of good always be with you, come back in full force soon :)

    I have been following all your wayanad posts and all of them have been truly enchanting, many thanks for sharing all the beauty.

    1. Thanks so much, Arti! I have missed a lot of your kerala posts. have loads to catch up.. but looking forward to it.

  4. Nice shots!

  5. Hello Anuradha,
    Magnificent shot!!! I love this cloud combination with reflection in water. Its so nice. Thanks for sharing.


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