Hello from Coorg!

Good morning from Coorg! We arrived here yesterday, expecting the sharp summer heat, but were welcomed by rains instead!

We are staying at the Club Mahindra Virajpet property...

I was woken this morning by the chirping of Birds, and have spent the morning armchair birdwatching.... ThisRed Whiskered Bulbul is a common sight, even at home, but seeing them in peace without having to think of the morning chores, is a pleasure !

And this White Browed wagtail posed so beautifully for me!

That's all for now.... Hope to show you more of Coorg, and the rest of my trip if the internet co-operates!


  1. Looks pristine! Have a great trip, Anu!

  2. If there are birds then I must make a visit. Nice peaceful place.


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