Faces in the Crowd - Shell Seller

He Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore.. yes I know its only a modified version of the tongue twister, but I couldn't resist it!

We saw him outside the St. Francis Church in Kochi. Yes, there were women around too, selling their wares, but I clicked this chap and his stall, simply because I liked the way he had organised it! Besides, he let his display as well as his wares, speak for themselves, because he didn't hound us! Or maybe he just realized that I wasn't interested in buying anything, just clicking away!


  1. That is a good pic for sure .. and I am happy that he did not hound and let the stuff do the talking..


    1. Thank you, Bikram! That was a big relief! but incidentally, we didnt get mobbed anywhere at Kochi.. quite a surprise, actually!


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