Navaratri Day 6: Dashavatar Set from Chennapatna

Navaratri for me, is all about the Golu. Many of you must have been wondering why I still haven't posted any photos of Golus. The reason, rather prosaically is that I can't celebrate the festival this year, and, unfortunately, neither can many of our relatives, and friends. That, plus some unexpected events have kept me from visiting and posting about Golus so far. Meanwhile, I am sharing with you today, one of the items on my wishlist for next year's Golu....

I saw this beautifully carved wooden set of the  Dashavtar at Chennapatna. The small town is known for its wooden toys, and whenever I am in the vicinity, I can't help stopping, even if just for a look!! Of course, I always end up buying something... I did buy some toys for Samhith and a few gifts for friends, but I restrained my temptation to buy this beautiful set! Maybe another time! 


  1. Yes Anu, we r really missing your posts on Golu.. Do visit my place for golu, if you r in Thane sometime during the festival.. My MIL recently bought a pagade game from Channapatna. How I wish I could visit that place sometime.. Yeah, we know how particular you are abt the features of Dashavatar doll set..

    1. Thank you, Meghana! I am so sorry, but not this year... maybe next time. Its so hectic around here right now, I havent been able to go anywhere :( you really should go to chennapatna. you will go crazy with all the beautiful stuff they have!


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