Birds from my window - Asian Koel

Since the last few weeks, as I have been busy by the comp, writing my Sikkim series, the Asian Koels have been creating a racket! They choose the time I am inspired to write, to call, and I rush with my camera, leaving everything behind, only to see them hide behind the leaves - the male, that is. The female has remained so well hidden, I have yet to see her! And then, this morning, Samhith's bus was late, and I was bidding him goodbye from the window, I spotted this chap.... 

Camera in hand, I waited for him to come out, or his partner to show herself, but in vain. I turned to the comp, and began typing, and there it was - the frenetic call. I ignored it for a while, but then, it has been a long time since I went birdwatching. I have to be satisfied with the birds I see from my window, so off I went again, with the camera of course. There were two males around, though the female was missing. And then, just by fluke, I captured this....

The Asian Koel with a berry from the Ashoka tree in his mouth! I might have not seen the female yet, but clicking this pic made my day! 


  1. I am also seeing some Koels of this type from our kitchen window on some occasions but never had an idea of catching them through my camera. Hope I will catch one and post it soon. It was interesting to read your article. Fine!

  2. Wow! Its beautiful and those eyes are absolutely charming.


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