This caterpillar held our attention for three whole days before it disappeared. I wonder if it has now wound itself into a cocoon or simply left the plant..... I tried to find out which species of butterfly or moth it would turn into, but was unsuccessful. Any ideas?


  1. What lovely colours.... Am sure its getting ready to blossom into a gorgeous butterfly and come right back visiting!! :))

  2. No ideas Anu but it is captivating.

  3. @Aarti: we had hoped that we would see it turn into a cocoon and then into a butterfly, but looks like it wants to be away from prying eyes and cameras!

    @Mridula: yes, it was... i am sure it must be a butterfly, but am not able to identify!

  4. WOW! Such vivid colours. Guess it would turn into a pretty butterfly. But, no idea of the name.

  5. you seem to have a lovely huge garden.... in Mumbai!
    Wheres the space?


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