Some new additions to our colony

Samhith says he is not afraid of anything...... Anything, except cats and dogs, especially when they enter our building, taking advantage of the grilled door carelessly left open. The frequency of such uninvited visits recently increased, to the extent that a cat tried to gain entry inside one of the houses, leading to a lot of amusement (and of course a lot of shouting and shooing and all kinds of activities). Finally, each visitor to our building was sternly told to make sure that they closed the door and didn't allow the cat to enter. The cat however, was one resourceful female (like all females!) and she gained entry somehow into one of the unoccupied houses on the ground floor, and hid in the cupboard to bring forth a litter of kittens. Now, Samhith is certainly not scared of them. On the contrary, he wants to pay them a visit everyday! I had my camera with me (incidentally, to take pics of our Ganesha leaving) and he insisted that I take pics of the new family.... So, here they are... the resourceful mom and her kittens.....


  1. Anu I am not sure if my first comment went through. But the cat family makes a pretty picture.

  2. Very cute indeed!

    That lake is in a Ganesh temple in Borivli.

  3. @Mridula: thanks...

    @Aarti: nice description :)

    @Arti: thanks.. the immersion was really well organised there....

  4. Nice Blog! Well most of your content and image is original and informative. /many thanks for sharing this, cheers.



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