The Chedda Nagar Ganesha

This one is the Ganpati from our colony - The Chedda Nagar Ganpati.

While the decor is usually something quite...well, ...just decorative, this year, the young lot organizing the festival seem to have had some interesting ideas..... not really surprising, considering the kind of issues on at the moment.

The idea is a balance between development and the environment, as depicted by the scales behind the Ganesha

On the left is the typical skyline of Mumbai - with skyscrapers and factories, complete with the roads built over the sea..

On the right is a typical village scene....

All in all, a simple display, one which suggests no solutions, but better than the usual run of the mill decorations... Samhith loved the houses and the roads, and has come up with lots of ideas for Navaratri!!!


  1. They really get creative and its so wonderful to see these themes, visit the pandals and be a part of the festivities ...
    Happy Ganesh Chaturthi:)


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