Eurasian Golden Oriole

There is a new bird in my garden........ actually a pair, but I just about managed to get a pic of one!

According to Salim Ali's Book of Indian birds, this is the Eurasian Golden Oriole..


  1. Lovely capture. I think I have seen this bird but then I was out with Chhavi and I was not having the camera! Beautiful.

  2. @Usha: I thought of you at once! It was sitting on the tree op my house and then it flew to the guava tree.. you would have a wonderful view!

    @Silence Sings: tjanks

    @Mridula: apparently it is a common bird.... so says my aunt who is a zoologist... she says that she has seen it often outside our house in thane.. though i have never noticed it before!

  3. Hi Anuradha, I found your blog while searching for an image of a golden oriole in India to complement Sarojini Naidu's beautiful poem. The bird above captured so beautifully on film seemed the right fit!
    Please take a look at how it's been used [your name and a link to your blog has been given after the poem] and let me know if it is okay to use it this way.
    Thank you so much.
    We're a new page on facebook and would love to feature your blogs there from time to time.


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