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As I do every year, this year too, I will take you along with me as I visit Ganeshas in and around my locality. I start the series today with our favourite Ganesha at the moment. This Ganesha has been installed in our neighbouring building, and Samhith went over to take a look as soon as it arrived. He came back all agog at the theme.....

The Facebook idea seemed to strike a chord with him! For the first time, he grasped the idea of a 'theme'. He dragged me to see the Ganesha, and actually spent a long time looking at all the small details. He especially liked the idea of cutting the poster to make space for placing the idol! Considering that he now knows how to chat with his aunts and uncles on Facebook (of course, he is only allowed when I am around!), he was also excited to see who who was 'online'.... the only thing he didnt understand was the 'poke'! "Why would anyone want to poke anyone? And would anyone like it if they were poked?" was his question... Any answers????


  1. That is a great idea well executed.

  2. Hehe... that question bowled me out :D

  3. Yes, Indrani! we loved it and told the organisers too!

  4. Yes, Aakash! it bowled me over too! kids come up with most interesting questions!


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