Seeking Santa

The Christmas holidays are on, and Samhith is pestering me to get a tree and decorate it, and wondering what gifts he is going to get this year..... He missed out on the Christmas party in school, and is rather upset about not being able to meet Santa..... Meanwhile, I read this post today, where Satyabrata Dam recollects his 8 meetings with Santas... Yes, that's 8 meetings.......

He writes....

This is the jolly festive season of Christmas and all things good so let me today tell you how and where I met the grand man in red suit and what happened thereafter.

To begin with, I have three distinct links to 
Santa Claus: (a) Our first names start with identical alphabet (b) Quite like him most of my life I have spent in extreme cold and snow laden places and in Polar Regions (c) We both travel the world spreading joy and cheer and smiles at strange and dark places. To my knowledge he never went to South Pole and here I actually outpace him. All this definitely makes me Santa’s country-cousin if not a direct descendent. Read More




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