Unidentified Insect

These days, Samhith runs to get the camera the minute he sees an insect in the house! Of course, since he is not yet allowed to use it, it is me he pesters to take photographs! Here is one which turned up yesterday taking advantage of the window Samhith had conveniently left open. It looks like a cricket, but don't know exactly. I tried to ID it, but to no avail. Any ideas, anyone? I was especially intrigued by the yellow spot on the side. 

P.S. I am out of town, and will be back soon. Please do leave your comments and I shall reply when I get back.


  1. I also think it is a cricket. We had lot of this when we were in Sivakasi

  2. No clue.
    Looks like it lost two of its legs.

  3. @Chitra: we have lots of insects coming into the house, but this one seemed new.....seems rather like a cricket, and as I understand, there are lots of types...

    @callezee: thanks..

    @Indrani: yeah... i thought so too at first :)

  4. The West Coast is so full of insect life. :) Every few days you will meet an interesting one. Especially in the wet months.

  5. I am quite sure they will learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!


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