Caterpillar at KGAF-2013

The Kala Ghoda Art Festival (KGAF) is an art and culture festival for us urban folk. However, here is a different sort of visitor we saw on the very first day...

A caterpillar!

We saw him on one of the boards near the stalls, and he attracted quite a bit of attention, especially since the stalls and installations were just being set up, and there were a number of people with huge cameras with nothing to do.

I have been unable to identify this caterpillar, so if any of you can enlighten me, it would help..

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  1. For one moment I thought it was real !!

    Was it a part of some workshop or people were just showing their creativity?

    1. It is real, Nisha! we saw it on one of the boards... i wondered if anyone would think it was an installation too!!

  2. Interesting visitor. Looks beautiful.


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