Birds from my Window - Purple Rumped Sunbird

Their busy twittering is the one that I hear every morning, as I relax with my morning cup of coffee. Capturing them on camera hasn't been so easy though, which is why, when I saw one of them grooming himself on a tree right oopposite my window, I set aside my coffee and rushed for my camera! This is what I managed to photograph.... The Purple Rumped Sunbird....

I live in Mumbai, in a colony lucky enough to still have plenty of trees and open spaces. The best part of living here are the birds I see from my window, every single day. "Birds from my Window" is a series, where I regularly feature photos of birds I see from my home. To see all the posts in this series, click here


  1. Sunbirds are extremely tough to click as they continuously move and are tough to focus on... Good capture after all the patience...

    1. Thank you, Prasad! It was really tough to photograph, but I finally managed :D

  2. Beautiful clicks and an awesome blog. !

  3. When I was a child, I fostered a dream to become an ornithologist. I remember those days now as I read your blog. You have captured some impeccable pictures of the Sunbird. Thank you for sharing these pictures on the blog.


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