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Ladakh - Planning The Trip

Over 2000 Km by road, in around 10 days. Stunning landscapes, wonderful people. That sums up our Ladakh trip. But how did it actually work? How did we make it happen? Read on to find out!  Leh, the capital of Ladakh , is accessible by air and road. Flying into Leh is the easiest, and time-saving option, while the road is the time consuming one, but with the added advantage of driving past some of the most beautiful landscapes in our country. Each option has much to recommend it, and we chose the road for just one reason – altitude sickness. Altitude sickness was one of my biggest concerns, since I suffer from motion-sickness. Yes, I do travel a lot, but that is despite my condition, and, over the years, have learnt how to handle it. I struggled with it when we visited Nathu-La in Sikkim, and wondered if I would be able to manage a week at the even higher altitudes that we would encounter in Ladakh. This was the reason we stuck to a basic plan, of only 9 days in Ladakh, though we

Our KidZania Experience with Blogadda

Years ago, when I was a kid, playing with friends involved a lot of role-play. Of course, we didn’t call it that. We called our games Ghar-Ghar or Teacher-Teacher, depending on what roles we decided to take on. When I told Samhith about those days, he burst into loud, raucous laughter, one that erupted, to my irritation, every time he remembered that conversation over the next few days. That, however, didn’t stop him wanting to go to KidZania, an indoor theme park, which uses the concept of role play to keep kids engaged, occupied and happy, for several hours at a stretch.

Now, it was me who was not too enthusiastic about the idea. He would surely have fun. It was, after all, meant for kids to have fun. But what about me? When we enjoyed role-play we didn’t drag our parents into it! KidZania did mention a parents’ lounge, a spa and other attractions for parents, but I am not really a mall person, or one who can happily sit in a spa! And thus it stood, with Samhith regularly reminding me that I had to take him there, and me assuring him that yes, I would, someday.

And then, last week, an invite popped into my email, from Blogadda, inviting me to KidZania with my son, and I jumped at the chance. Now, I could busy myself photographing and thinking of things to write about, while Samhith amused himself doing whatever he wanted to, and I signed up for the programme happily!

We arrived at KidZania well in time, and waited with a few other bloggers and their kids, none of whom I knew. Eventually, the Blogadda Team arrived, and ushered us inside. Samhith was so excited; we were the first inside, just in time to hear the KidZania staff welcome the first visitors of the day with their anthem.

Once inside, it felt like it was another world altogether. We were on the third floor of the R City Mall, but it felt like we were indeed in another city – one with neat roads, lots of buildings, trees, and yes, even a clear blue sky! It is amazing to think of something so beautiful being created inside a mall!

While I gaped around, fascinated by how the place functioned, Samhith was off, a clear mandate in mind (on the advice of his friends who have visited before), to make the most of the day. It was just 10AM, and we had till 3 PM to explore KidZania to its fullest extent.

Trinkets for sale... at a price, of course!

I will not write about the many hats Samhith donned, over the course of those 5 hours. The KidZania website has detailed write ups on all the activities and possible role-play options there. Instead, I will just give you a glimpse through this collage...

Those were just a few of the activities he participated in, while I roamed around, trying to get a feel of the experience second hand! While I was most impressed by the design (as I have already said), I was also impressed with the staff. They have obviously been trained well, but their enthusiasm and patience shines through, and gets across to the kids. I saw them help out kids who were confused, I noticed them interest a kid who was staring around, bored, and I also saw them placate a toddler who was crying for his mom! Meanwhile, they also helped the kids with the role play, offered advice to increase their earnings, and pointed out empty or available slots to do things while others were occupied. Theirs is not an easy job, and that they do it with a smile is what makes the experience special for the children!

Kids queuing up

For parents, it is the idea of children spending hours in a safe, and positive environment, which is the biggest lure of KidZania. This is a place where kids can learn to be on their own, without fear of getting lost. The fact that they are given notes which resemble real money makes them feel responsible, and earning the money only makes them more aware of just how tough it is. In these days, this is something well worth teaching kids. Besides, the advantages of role play are many, and I can’t reiterate that enough.

A realistic window, curtains and all

The 5 hours sped by, faster than I imagined, and Samhith only agreed to leave when he was told that the bank would close, and he had to add his earnings to a debit card, if he wanted to save them for next time. So yes, he is now the proud owner of a KidZania Debit Card, and can’t wait to go again!

Banners for the Painting School

Will I take him again? I guess I will, because I saw just how happy he was, and how he hardly came near me for those 5 long hours. Plus, they have wifi there, in the Parents Lounge. Maybe that’s where I will go, the next time, now that I don’t have to click photos or write about it!

A real gola shop... I am sure kids would have loved to operate this one too!!

This post is a part of the KidZania bloggers meet activity conducted by BlogAdda and KidZania. The thoughts and views expressed are my own. 

  • Location: KidZania is located on the 3rd floor of RCity Mall, Ghatkopar (West), on L.B.S.Marg.
  • Timings
    • Tuesday to Friday – 11AM to 8PM
    • Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays – 10AM to 3PM & 4PM to 9PM
    • Mondays closed
  • Tickets
    • Children aged between 4 and 16 years – Rs. 950
    • Toddlers (2 to 4 years) : Rs. 500
    • Adults: Rs. 500
    • Senior Citizens : Rs. 400
  • Note: Most of the activities are designed for kids between 4 and 14 years of age. There are a few activities for toddlers. 


  1. Interesting post, Anu! Though I've not been a fan of such entertainment oriented theme parks, this post seemed to alter my perceptions moderately. It seems like an exciting place to be in, specially for the kids considering the lack of open spaces and gardens. I'm a little surprised at their ticket prices though. Rs. 950 seems expensive for younger kids, no? I'm sure the experience covers it up for the high price.

    1. Thank you Akshay. It is certainly interesting for the kids, and also a good idea because roleplay not just keeps them busy and happy, but they actually learn the important things in life. It is not a place where you or I could go alone and enjoy. it is meant for the kids only.
      Unfortunately, yes, it is expensive, which is why I hesitated so much before taking Samhith. of course, considering how they maintain it, and the number of staff and so on, they are i guess justified. besides, you just have to look at the crowd to see that the cost isnt really a factor for those who bring the kids here.
      plus, schools seem to find it an interesting place instead of the usual picnic spots, and they can cope with the prices, as well as parents trying to throw a birthday party and wanting to have all the kids happy and occupied.
      So well, there are only a few who are going to think twice about the cost.


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