Faces in the Crowd - Women carrying firewood

She is a common sight across the country, cutting and carrying firewood home...

Dressed in a sari, the pallu tucked into the waistband, she carries the load with ease. It is mostly women who are seen carrying loads - water, wood, sometimes all the household goods, on their heads. Ever wondered why the man, who is supposed to be stronger, never does so? I wonder, if it even occurs to them to tell the menfolk to do the fetching and the carrying.! 

No matter what their reasons, I can not but help admire them - they carry such loads, and walk such long distances, in the harshest of weather, while I, travelling in the comfort of a car or bus, succumb to swelling ankles and aches, with the least bit of walking. I wish I had their resilience! 


  1. What to say Anu? Some practices are so ingrained and without education no change seems possible. I wonder if even education would bring about some change?

    1. Education seems to be our only hope,but as of now, even that doesnt seem to reach them. i wonder if it ever will

  2. Load on head affects the body adversely and they are unaware of it, unfortunately!

    1. so true, Indrani. they arent even aware of that!


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