Faces in the Crowd - Children at Work

We saw these boys on the way to Wayanad, but this scene could have been anywhere in India.

Two boys, hard at work, cleaning a pump, outside a garage. Its always sad to see young children in rags, working, at an age when they should be at school, or playing. Its worse when they are right outside a college, to which, in all possibility, people pay lakhs to get their kids into, and then the said kids waste away their time learning little if nothing, throwing away their parents' hard earned money in frivolous pursuits. Could there be a higher contrast?


  1. Hmmm... tough life!
    Nicely framed.

  2. Life anywhere you go it roughly remains the same :(

  3. Children worked life is very dangerous.

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  5. Thanks for sharing your one of a kind adventure. :)


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