Mud Wasp

What do you do when you see a wasp? Stay out of its way? What do you think we do? Click it of course!!!!

This black and yellow wasp, probably a mud wasp, was busy building its nest on our balcony door in our room at the Club Mahindra Coorg Resort. It was fascinating to see how a little blob of mud quickly turned into a nest, all ready for occupation.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our fascination for such creatures, and predictably, neither did the resort staff. We returned from a walk to find the nest gone, the door wiped clean. All we could do, was wonder if the wasp had found a safer place to build its home.


  1. Wonderful! Some of the wasps could also be found in the unused plug points outside our houses. Incidentally coul you please dispense with word verification as I am straining my eyes (may be of old age)


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